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About Us

Freeze Guard company is an independent business, family owned, has been a leader in the development and distribution of high quality automotive products for more than 8 years.

There is an excellent experience, we are professionals who constantly bring Americans to the development of our products and we never settle for low-quality products.
More than eight years have helped us to mature and understand what our customers are looking for a fair price.
Over 8 years of experience and our experts develop products for the most extreme climates and working conditions that amount to billions of miles on the road in large trucks and billions of hours of heavy equipment in the mines and in the farm.
Freeze Guard is a strong brand, a thriving entrepreneurial business leaders who understand that the road to success walking with firm steps, the acceptance of the product is due to the success of smart, functional work and meets all its promises.
Freeze Guard, but an antifreeze-coolant, is security, trust, integrity, legality and love.


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